Friday, February 14, 2014

Up and Coming Sevique Skin Care Line to Participate in Renown Pre-Oscar Luxury Event

As Hollywood rolls out the red carpet for the year’s most prestigious award ceremony, the Oscars, Sevique, an innovative new skin care line, prepares to pamper the stars in one of the most exclusive Pre-Oscar luxury suites.

The hush-hush, VIP only Pre-Oscar luxury event, is hosted annually by TMG International at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and will cater to the elite who’s who of Hollywood in the days leading up to the awards.

Sevique will be featured in the event’s spa lounge offering treatments such as: "Eye Relaxation with Anti Aging Benefits"; "Facial Massage with Deep Cleansing & Protection"; "Neck & Décolleté Hydration & Anti Aging Massage" – all highlighting step- by-step benefits for their products while focusing on guest’s red-carpet ready concerns such as close-up interviews and strapless gowns.

“We are thrilled and honored to be part of the 2014 Pre-Oscar luxury event. It is a great privilege to participate not only with TMG but with their clientele and guests as well.”—Susan Nickell, Sevique founder

TMG International, the luxury event host, is a premier marketing and public relations firm with clients such as Gucci, Jaguar and Pandora just to name a few and offices in Beverly Hills, Miami and London. TMG is responsible for a number of luxury events including the Luxury Lounge at Sundance Film Festival and Style LA: Swim & Resort, they can be found online at

Sevique, an elegant new skin care line, blends the highest quality natural ingredients with the most advance skin care science resulting in a simple, seven product, line that has amazing results with almost any skin type and is currently available through select salons and spas as well as online.
For more information on Sevique, please contact us at or 800-695-8711.

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